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Love Love Fremantle by Marika Brock

05 Mar 2014
March 5, 2014

You know her sister’s famous zebras on the wall of Ootong and Lincoln and now on the inside walls you can view and buy Marika Brock’s colourful and creative Fremantle photography.

The colour and creativity of Fremantle, in its historical buildings, the geometric shapes of the port, its containers and cranes and the passion of a Fremantle tribe, whether for their football or support of local art spaces inspires Marika’s latest collection of photography.

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Coffee Dock at Ootong & Lincoln

22 Mar 2012
March 22, 2012

It’s great to see a café that you love evolve and improve right before your eyes. Ootong & Lincoln on South Terrace have installed a coffee dock and providore next to the main entrance. It’s like they read my mind and knew that my coffee in the morning was a rather hurried affair and they made it easer for me to get to my favorite beverage fast. The small providore is stocked with their homemade goods that you can pick-up to take home, too easy. Take away coffees start at three bucks, which as you know is a right-on price here in Fremantle (and Perth). I’ve also included some photos of my delicious lunch for your viewing pleasure. Orange, radish and almonds in a salad = taste explosion.

Ootong & Lincoln,
258 South Terrace,
South Fremantle,
WA 6162.

P: 08 9335 6109

Monday- Sunday 7am-5pm

Ootong & Lincoln Coffee Dock

Ootong & Lincoln Coffee Dock

Ootong & Lincoln Lunch

Ootong & Lincoln Providore

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