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Fox – At Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

26 Sep 2015
September 26, 2015

The images released form this production just look beautiful and it’s looking to be a wonderful performance. Adapted from the award winning book by Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks it takes you on a journey through scorched scrubland and ochre deserts told through a fusion of puppetry and dance.

Fox highlights the constant battle between remaining faithful and falling for temptation, and reminds us that the strength of friendship can give us the courage to get through difficult times. Fox, Dog and Magpie’s timeless story will leave you with questions that may take a lifetime to answer…

Duration: 50 minutes
Age group: All ages, perfect for ages 6+
When: September 26- October 10
Where: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short St, Fremantle WA 6160
Time: 10am & 1pm daily, 6:30pm performance on September 30th & October 9th. No Performances Sundays or public holidays
Bookings: | (08) 9335 5044

The Night Zoo at Spare Parts

09 Jan 2015
January 9, 2015

We’ve been to Spare Parts quite a few times now and enjoyed every show. Every performance is so unique and so much effort is put into each production. Their latest show runs until the 31st of January so there’s plenty of time to catch the performance.

Dancing with meerkats, penguins or elephants! These were only things Jamie could dream of – that is until The Night Zoo came to visit!

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s production of The Night Zoo is the perfect summer holidays entertainment full of music, dancing and laughter. It features a stunning puppet cast of life-size animal characters, including Elephant, Giraffe, Penguin, Cranes, Thorny Devils, and the hilarious dancing Meerkats brought to life by performers Ben Mortley and Sarah Nelson through puppetry, dance, animation, masks – and a light sprinkling of manure!

Be reminded of the joy that animals bring to our lives as Jamie goes on a wild night-time adventure with the inhabitants of The Night Zoo. The summer season runs from January 5 to 31 with two shows daily at 10am and 1pm, Monday to Saturday (no shows Sundays or Public Holidays). There are also two special Friday evening performances n January 16 & 30 at 6.30pm. At 45 minutes and suitable for ages three and above, The Night Zoo is a joyful summer experience for all family to share.

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The Arrival Opens at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

06 Dec 2011
December 6, 2011

It’s really hard to imagine how Aki’s epic journey from his homeland to strange land could be represented on a stage of a few square metres. Some how this production does it really well with a strange and marvelous mix of puppets, actors, music and illustrations. Probably best go see it yourself, somethings are better seen and not written about.

The season runs from 2nd to 23rd December 2011 and then from the 9th to 28th January 2012. More info on the Spare Parts web site.


The Arrival Shaun Tan

The Arrival Shaun Tan

The Arrival Shaun Tan

The Arrival Shaun Tan

The Arrival Shaun Tan

Some cardboard kangaroos on the grass outside the front of the theatre…

The Arrival Shaun Tan

‘The Arrival’ at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

17 Nov 2011
November 17, 2011

Everyone knows Shaun Tan’s silent graphic novel about a man who leaves his homeland to go to a new country, paving the way for his family to follow him. Anyone who’s emigrated will relate to leaving loved ones behind and the beautiful stranger-in-a-strange-land imagery.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre are showing an adaptation of The Arrival starting December the 2nd. Similar to the book the production will be silent but the story will be told through digital animation and puppetry. It’s going to be great.

Check out SPPT website for all the info about the show.

Hare Brain

15 Jul 2011
July 15, 2011

Hare Brain is on at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and winter is a great time to get a show in.

Check out the site for show times.

It looks pretty out there…

Hare BrainHare Brain

02 Jul 2011
July 2, 2011

Hare Brain is on at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and winter is a great time to get a show in.

Check out the site for show times.

It looks pretty out there…

Hare BrainHare Brain

Old Skills

19 Jan 2011
January 19, 2011

I like handpainted signs. They have so much more charme with their little imperfections. This sign for Freo’s Harbour Theatre has never been totally completed – you can still see some sketched lettering on the arrow. I’d love to find out who painted the sign and if this person is still working in the trade.

What’s a Bunyip?

01 Jul 2010
July 1, 2010

I had no idea I had to look it up…

A Bunyip

A Bunyip will eat you for dinner.

…and another one for good measure…

Another Bunyip

Can look like some kind of fish-dog hybrid.

Both pretty full-on scary looking things especially the second one. If I saw that crawling out of a swamp and coming towards me I’d loose the plot.

I went to see The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek at The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre last Friday and I was pretty interested how an Australian version of the creature from the black lagoon would translate into a kids theatre production.

The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek was thankfully very cute but he/she? as the story goes had an identity crisis. It just appeared out of a muddy swamp one day with no idea what it looked like. This set the scene for the Bunyip hitting the road and meeting lots of indigenous animals along the way. It was a pretty avant-garde show as the puppets were worked into the production in odd places like stuck on top of peoples’ heads, once you got into it was really fun and enjoyable. Have a look at the promotional flyer below it explains it all a lot better.

Cuddly Bunyip

Cuddly Bunyip

Show Details

Show Details

Because it was the opening night the audience stuck around for a reception afterwards and there was a few brief speeches and the director and performers got flowers. I was really impressed with the catering all the little nibbly things were really tasty. I was obsessed with these mini-quiches that were there, the pastry was just so good. I recently went and had Afternoon Tea at The Esplanade Hotel and the sandwiches that Spare Parts Puppet Theatre put out blew theirs out of the water.

(Went and found out who catered the event and it was Deli di Mondo, 12 Hislop Road, Attadale. Ph: 9330 3771.)

Absolutely Spellbound

05 Apr 2010
April 5, 2010

Last weekend I went to the opening of Spellbound at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and it was great. If you’ve never been to a puppet show you should give this one a go. They’re traditional style marionettes but manipulated by three puppeteers per puppet, it’s amazing to watch. You can see all the hard work that goes into a performance and you do get sucked in to the illusion of the puppets having a life of their own.

The cast of Spellbound: The Strongman, The Ballerina and The Clown.

The cast of Spellbound: The Strongman, The Ballerina and The Clown.

Even if you don’t go see a show pop in and have a look at all the retired (is that the right word?) puppets on the walls and suspended on the ceiling.

Some older puppets, the wall of puppets and the drinks reception after the opening performance.

Some veterans, a wall of puppets and the drinks reception after the opening performance.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre,
1 Short Street,
WA 6160.

Their website has the show times listed, there’s lots of performances over the school holidays.
PH: 9335 5044


23 Feb 2010
February 23, 2010

A ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway’ kind of show called Theatresports is on at The Deckchair Theatre for the next five weeks until the 28th of March. Basically you get to shout suggestions up at the guys on stage and they throw together a show from that.

@ The Deckchair Theatre

@ The Deckchair Theatre