31 Mar

About Us

Some Info…

Fremantle is a unique coastal city with a unique atmosphere. Love Freo is trying to capture and document that.

Thanks for all the positive comments that we’ve got recently it’s really nice to know that we’re doing something that people enjoy so keep on letting us know what you think and drop us a line.

About Us

We all work full time and Love Freo is something we do in our spare time.¬†The businesses and events we feature are ones that we think are pretty cool. They don’t pay us nor do we expect them to ūüôā

Love Freo is…


Izzi works as a graphic designer here in Fremantle. She’s mad about photography, her fianc√©, beautiful toddler Dane, Coaly the dog, their Freo Cottage and long walks on the beach, ahh. In the Summer her back-yard deck is known for it’s hospitality and in the winter months she throws great fondue parties. Izzi is an award winning designer and photographer with Designer of the Year 2009 and Corbis Professionals Behind the Lens under her belt.


Orla is an award winning* digital designer that works in the north and lives in the centre of Fremantle. She likes (in no particular order) robots, Edward Gorey, Elroy Miggins, cooking, anthropomorphism, the snooze button, surf, snow, fireworks, her friends, Emma Hill for Mulberry, lip-balm, Polaroids, Monsters, Heston Blumenthal, tea lots of tea… all blends… with or without milk… coffee is so last year, Saul Bass, limes, black holes, new things, old things, Sir John Tenniel and cheese mmm cheese.


PhilPhil is happiest when he’s: creating beautiful things from concrete (yes really), on a boat, eating good food, relaxing in Fremantle, concocting madcap schemes with a view to world domination and playing with Elroy the canine house-beast.

Love Literature

An hour later, the ship had approached within a mile of the pier at Fremantle. The surrounding sea and land were very strange and beautiful. The green shoal-water, the soft air, with a yellowish warmth, the pure white sand of the beach, and the dark green of the unbroken forest beyond, made a scene almost like fairyland.

Moondyne by¬†John Boyle O’Reilly

Legal Stuff

All images, graphics and derivative works, unless otherwise stated, are owned and copyrighted by Love Freo they cannot be reproduced or used in any printed or digital material without prior permission. We will seek you out and kick your asses if we find out that you’ve been using our stuff. Just ask us if you want to use some of our photos, we’re very nice and usually say yes.