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02 Sep 2015
September 2, 2015

Would you like to immortalise the history of Fremantle and those who live there?

A social start-up, Know Your Nation, is setting up a recording booth in the East Room of Fremantle Town Hall over a four day period September 24th, 25, 29th and 30th. If you’d like to get involved here are the details of what will happen over the four days…

The exciting new social start-up, Know Your Nation, is setting up a recording booth in the East Room of Fremantle Town Hall over a four day period in September to do just that. The dates are September 24th, 25, 29th and 30th.

Know Your Nation is an initiative that facilitates conversations and storytelling. Its aim is to help the community to get to know the personal histories and stories of its older generations. It hopes to inspire interaction across generations and preserve cultural heritage for the future.

For each of the four days during the project, we will hold five memory and story capturing sessions, each just over an hour long. In each session we hope to capture genuine conversations between people of different generations who already know each other, during which the older tells the younger stories and memories from their past.

Once welcomed by the Know Your Nation representative, the interviewer and the storyteller – with a simple recording device – will be alone together to discuss any personal history that the storyteller wants. The participants can cover these moments in any way that comes naturally, but a briefing pack (with information about the session, advice and example questions for the younger person to use with the older person) will be sent out in advance of the session, for support and guidance if needed.

After the session, a photographer will capture the participants amongst the beautifully styled vintage-feel props in the recording booth (all vintage styling to be undertaken by local initiative Verge, see their Facebook page for more information!).

The participants are welcome to a copy of the full audio and the photograph, taken during the session, for their families to treasure.

We will archive a copy of the full audio in the City of Fremantle library to ensure that we are doing everything we can to preserve our local heritage.

We are looking for anyone who is either keen to capture their story, or someone else’s! Ideally we are seeking a generation gap for the interviewer and storyteller in our sessions but this is by no means mandatory. That said, we do request that participants are age 12+.

We want people to come, ask, listen and tell, in an environment where life won’t interrupt! We will be supplying the tissues just in case things get emotional. Prior booking for the sessions is essential but the sessions are free of charge!

Contact Name: Helena Cohen-Robertson
Date: 24, 25, 29 and 30 September
Facebook: Know Your Nation
Where: Fremantle Town Hall

Image credit: Belinda Gibson Photography

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  1. Chris Robertson says:

    What a great initiative. There must be so many interesting everyday stories in Fremantle. Hope a lot can be recorded.


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