Kings Square Architectural Competition

19 Dec 2013
December 19, 2013

Today we went to Myre to take a look at the boards of the three finalists of the Kings Square Architectural Competition – McBride, CODA and Kerry Hill. As you probably know Kerry Hill have won the competition. We very much admire Kerry Hill’s elegant, timeless style and are huge fans of the State Theatre Centre (which Kerry Hill designed in 2005). This design is beautiful as well. However, it is ‘big city architecture’, quite monumental and (we feel) too imposing for our quirky, vibrant and diverse Freo. For Freo we would have preferred the other entries, which seem to be more considerate to Freo’s feel and history, both in their own way.

If you’d like to take a close look at the entries, they are on display at Myre’s ground floor or can be viewed online here. Kerry Hill Architects will be holding an informative presentation for those interested in the design concept this Thursday 19 December (tonight) from 5.00 pm at the City of Fremantle Council Chambers (entrance via the white curved staircase adjacent to the old Myer building).


Crazy structures by McBride


Inspiration was the view from inside the Roundhouse tunnel (McBride)


Vibrant diversity by CODA


Roof scape inspired by old Freo’s chimneys glancing light across the urban room (CODA)

Kings Square Fremantle Architectural Competition Stage 2

Modernist lines by Kerry Hill


View north along Newman Court (Kerry Hill)

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  1. Kim D'Alton says:

    The Kerry Hill concept is pleasant (but a bit safe). I really liked the McBride concept, I thought it was very daring (not sure how they were planning to keep the seagulls and pigeons out of the big timber polygons). All in all though I think the City would be pleased with the outcome. My concern is will it get built and when?

  2. LeoFromFreo says:

    These designs, including the one picked by the Council as the winner, look precisely like those buildings constructed and yet ridiculed in the 1970’s. A blight on the landscape. Big mistake. Good luck in the future.

    • Orla says:

      We’re hoping the city will be doing another presentation, open to the public, that will demonstrate the building using a fly-through. I heard it’s quite impressive.


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