Ethiopian Café and Artifacts

12 May 2011
May 12, 2011

If your bored with tapas give Ethiopian Café and Artifacts a try. Everyone can share a lot of different dishes: perfect when you’re trying out new food. The various stews and tibs come with flat bread that tasted like sour dough but has the texture of a pancake. Group meals are served  in a kind of a woven straw basket called a Mesob so all you do is tear off a piece of bread and use that to eat with.

Reasons to check out Ethiopian Cafe and Artifacts

  • It has a kind of a tent in the middle of the restaurant.
  • You can take part in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
  • It does actually have lots of artifacts all over the walls and some of them are for sale.
  • The staff are really nice.

Ethiopian Café and Artifacts
427 Carrington Street,
Hamilton Hill,
WA 6163.

Ph: (08) 9433 3005

BYOB Cash Only

Ethiopian Cafe and Artifacts

Ethiopian Cafe and Artifacts

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