Beach Street Café

21 Feb 2010
February 21, 2010

Went to The Beach Street Café with the dog yesterday. Despite being close to the road it quite a nice place to sit and have breakfast/lunch.

We had chicken schnitzel, Turkish bread with avocado & bacon and red cabbage, carrot, chickpea & pumpkin salad. This was all from the ready-to-eat stuff in the display. I always forget there’s also a menu because I get all stupid and I can only focus on the food right in front of me. Eat what you see.

Anyway the food is good café food and not too expensive plus they do freshly squeezed orange juice. There’s also canine table service: the waitress brought our mutt over a bowl of water as soon as we sat down.

Beach Street Café

Beach Street Café

Pret a manger and off the Menu

Pret-a-manger but don't forget the menu.

Beach Street Café,
Riverside Road, (According to Google Maps)
WA 6160.

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  1. Edward says:

    Is so beautiful food, I love that café. Aussie brekky.



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