The Master Butcher Experience

22 Aug 2009
August 22, 2009


There are butchers and then there are ‘German Butchers’. Tucked away in an unassuming building on the corner of South Street and Carrington is a meat-lovers dream. The signage reads in bold letters MASTER-BUTCHER and is an indication of what lays within. As you slide the manual double door open, the aroma of smoked meat immediately arouses the senses. You know Germans do things with meticulous care and skill, right? Well this little enterprise is no exception and upholds the traditions of old. The produce is of the highest quality, like Porsches, Mercedes, and Volkswagens but better because you can have this fine time-honoured German fare without the expense but feel as fortunate. The service is friendly, courteous and matter-of-fact. If you were German I’m sure it would feel like home. A number of condiments and sweets can be found to enhance the experience. Do yourself a ‘flavour’ and go to Hela Smallgoods – you won’t be disappointed.

Hela Smallgoods
290 South Street
Phone/Fax 9337 4193

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  1. sharon says:

    I lived in Hilton for 3 years and never went into this butcher as the faded old graphics left me thinking it had closed down.

  2. Izzy says:

    Hi Sharon, it actually took us a few months until we went to check it out, as the sign really doesn’t look inviting. But once you’re inside the shop it’s a totally different story. Izzy

  3. Maria says:

    The best eisbein I have ever tasted. Will definitely go back for more.

  4. A_German_in_Freo says:

    Truely, one of the best German meat experiences in Australia. Went again today and love it. Try the smoked “speck”. If you like hot dogs, do yourself a favour: go and buy some real German Frankfurts from Hela.

  5. Declan McCollam says:

    After having lived in Germany for 12 years, Hela is one of the finest Metzgers in the world and the families produce is always superb and fresh. A great visit if you have not been there.

  6. Birgit But says:

    As a German I can tell you, stepping into the shop feels like going home! Having just gotten back from a visit in Germany ( Black Forest) I can tell you their Black Forest Ham is better than the one we had in the actual Black Forest. But the star of the show must be the cooked ham! Trust me you never tasted anything like this before!

  7. David Taylor says:

    Weekly visits to this amazing Deli is not even enough. Great friendly service and extensive product range makes it a leader in WA

  8. Francoise says:

    Have been going to Hela’s on and off since 1976 !! Outstanding quality of their produce….


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