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07 Jul 2009
July 7, 2009

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be quite hungry as I was walking past Breaks, so I popped in there with the blonde’s bro for a bite to eat.  As this place used to be Soho Soho burger bar, we decided to have a ‘Moo’ burger each…

Two plated Moo burgers at Breaks on High Street

I like my burgers, and this was an excellent one. The mince was juicy and full of flavour, obviously from a nice piece of beef, the bun was fresh, fluffy and just a bit crispy and the chips were covered in some sort of magic salt that prompted us to go for an extra portion. A great value meal, v v tasty. The flat white was good too.

If you’ve walked past this place and though it looks small, think again, behind the large counter area is a full dining area. Next time you fancy a burger, you could do much worse than go here. You can also pick up one of our new and free LOVE FREO promo postcards that the friendly manager/owner(?) let us put on the counter. Bon apetit. One more thing, Breaks doesn’t have a licence, but you can BYO.

Breaks Fremantle
85 High Street,
WA 6160.

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